Super Peptide Anti-Aging Moisturizer, 1 oz
February 17, 2014
Super Peptide Viper Serum, 1 oz
February 17, 2014
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Vitamin C 12% Serum, 1 oz


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Elegant antioxidant serum for firmer, more radiant skin

Improve the texture and firmness of the skin with this powerful antioxidant serum with L-Ascorbic Acid (only form of Vitamin C that is easily absorbed by the skin)delivered in a glycol base to improve penetration. Formulated at a lower pH level to ease absorption. Protects skin cells from free radical damage and stimulates collagen production to promote more youthful skin. Corrects hyperpigmentation and prevents premature signs of aging.

Key Ingredients

L-Ascorbic Acid – A powerful antioxidant, which is the only form of Vitamin C that is easily absorbed by the skin. This is a key element in any anti-aging skincare regimen.


L-Ascorbic Acid, Butylene Glycol stabilizing solution.